Interior Rewilding: Bull City Plant Edition


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Interested in adding a few plants to your home but need a bit of guidance?

The Simple Plan is a 3-month plant subscription service that does all the work for you.  This plan includes a healthy, stylish house plant or collection of plants for each of the following 3 months:  February, March, and April.  Plants are hand selected from the best of the best during my house plant travels.  I do not plan selections months in advance because I find the best selection at the spur of the moment and I want to share truly special plants.  With each plant, you will receive a plant guide to ensure your success in keeping your new plant baby happy.  Plants can be picked up mid-month from the Lakewood Shopping Center in Durham, NC.

*Example of potential plants and sizes: Monstera deliciosa in 2-gallon pot for month 1, a trio of hanging plants in 3.5″ pots for month 2, a collection of 5 succulents in 2-3″ pots for month 3.


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