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Plant Propagation 101 – Sunday, April 7th 6-8pm


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Plant propagation is all about a parent plant making adorable babies!  Learn the basics as well as tips and tricks  for expanding your house plant collection.  This hands-on workshop will cover several techniques including (1) seed sowing, (2) stem cuttings, (3) leaf cuttings, and (4) root divisions.  All supplies are provided and participants will leave with a collection of plants.  Plants include begonia, peperomia/pilea, philodendron/pothos, sanseveria (snake plant), succulents, and a specialty plant.  Specialty plant will be the coveted Monstera adonsonii.

Workshop Date and Time:  Sunday, April 7th 6-8pm

Workshop Location:  Freeman’s Creative, 2020 Chapel Hill Road, Durham, NC 27707


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