First Official ... Bull City Plant Swap!!!

plant swap blog.JPG

Durham Peeps!  How exciting is this?  We've been long overdue for a plant swap though informally many of us have been swapping plants for years. While I've hosted and assisted with seed swaps, clothing swaps, and swap meets, I've been longing to dedicate a swap specifically to house plants. Well, the time has come and I am truly looking forward to gathering with fellow plant lovers. 

The plant swap inspiration comes from my low key swaps with friends and neighbors but I am also in awe of the NYC Plant Swap.  Talk about a gathering of plant lovers. Definitely, take a look at their videos for a taste of the plant swap atmosphere.  So, what exactly is a plant swap?  To put it simply, an event where fellow plant enthusiasts come together to exchange plants. This exchange allows plant lovers to bring home a new plant without having to make an investment (though we all know it is so difficult to resist spending money on plants). The swap also allows an opportunity to ask plant questions, offer tips, and view trending plants, old favorites, and unusual varieties up close and personal. 

For this very first plant swap, we are privileged to have Freeman's Creative as the host site (you'll love the monsteras in the front windows). Our plant chat will cover basic house plant care tips and trends. We'll have refreshments and a lively atmosphere (naturally with all the plant and people awesomeness).  Just be sure to register early for this long anticipated event. In the event that there is a waiting list with 20+ individuals we have reserved Monday evening as a Part 2 event. We definitely want as many people as possible to swap a bit of green goodness. See you at the swap!

Aisha Sanders