Meet the Owner

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Urbane Terrain was founded in 2010 to combine my life-long passion for plants with my many years of event planning and interior design.  Growing up the daughter of a Coast Guard service member, I was always surrounded by nature and spent much of my time exploring marine life and wandering the woods.  As an adult, I continued to be fascinated by creation and would curl up with plant books and magazines, gathering as much knowledge as I could.  Through trial and error (and lots of advice from my friends and neighbors) I was off planting gardens and maintaining a lovely house plant collection. Like a child, I will always be in awe and wonder of creation and find it to be a much needed refuge. 

My experience includes serving as president of a local community garden, serving on the board of a state-wide community garden organization, serving as an extension master gardener volunteer, and leading numerous workshops in the Triangle area.  I am also an educator and have worked with youth for more than 20 years.  My specialties include edible gardens, plant propagation, house plants, living art installations, and garden/nature programs for youth.  Urbane Terrain is a solo operation and I thoroughly enjoy the community of fellow plant lovers that I meet through this journey.  Looking forward to sharing more botanical beauty with my community!


Aisha Sanders, Botanical Curator and Living Art Designer