Plant Donations

Donations of plants, pottery, potting mix, etc., are always welcome.  We also take donations of neglected plants and try to nurse them back to health in hopes that they can be rehomed.  This especially works well with garden centers and nurseries that have surplus plants or fresh flowers that can be given a second chance rather than making their way to the compost or trash heap.  Individuals are also welcome to donate.  Details about our current community programs are below.  Please fill out the inquiry form below or give us a call to setup donation drop-off or pick-up.


You Are Welcome Plant Program

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There are so many reasons families are compelled or forced to leave the place they call home. From a financial/medical crisis to the devastation of a natural disaster or civil unrest, the relocation process is never easy. In fact, relocating is ranked high on the list of major life stressors.  However, the process is a bit less daunting with helping hands and warm welcomes. While we all cannot be there to physically assist with a new neighbor’s move we surely can take the time to give them a warm welcome.

You Are Welcome Plants provides a welcome plant to families relocating after a crisis.  At first glance, a plant may seem like a small gesture. However, plants have aesthetic as well as therapeutic benefits and serve as a daily reminder of the beauty of life. Beyond that, our goal is to foster community and life-long support through continued kindness. We don’t just have a plant delivered. Whenever possible we select plants that have a special connection to home for each particular family (I.e. plant native to refugee’s homeland). We also take into consideration the needs of the family (I.e. plants that are low-maintenance, pet friendly, allergy friendly, etc.,). We work with neighbors and sponsors to have someone stop by to meet and greet, share a meal, give hugs and let our new neighbors know … you are welcome, you are loved, and you are not alone. 

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