Plant Propagation 101 11/12/2018 12-2pm

Plant Propagation 101 11/12/2018 12-2pm

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Learn the basics of plant propagation with Botanical Curator, Aisha Sanders.  Attendees participate in a hands on workshop as we propagate the following specialty plants: monster, philodendron, pilea, sanseveria, and succulents.  In addition to the knowledge, attendees will also receive a propagation booklet and swag bag with a handcrafted propagation station and a slew of goodies to get them started on their propagation adventures.

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Plant 101 will walk attendees through hands-on techniques for basic house plant propagation.  For this very first propagation class attendees will go home with freshly propagated cuttings for the following trending plants:  Monstera, Philodendron, Pilea, , Sanseveria, and a variety of succulents.  All the lovely botanicals plant lovers dream of adding to their collection.  the workshop swag bag will be filled with the following goodies: a handcrafted propagation station, clippers for collecting plant cuttings, rooting hormone, and my very own hand-blended propagation mix.  Not only will you leave with five specialty plants and some great propagating goodies but also the knowledge to expand your growing plant collection ... one plant baby at a time.

Will be held at private outdoor studio off Morreene Road