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Monsteras and Moss Poles

  • Private Studio Morreene Road Durham, NC, 27705 United States (map)

Whether you’ve always wanted a monstera or desperately desired a moss pole got your plant to climb, this class is for you. The Monstera deliciosa is a favorite trending plant and with good reason. Not only is it fascinating because of its intriguing split leaf foliage but it’s also a fast grower that is easy to care for. However, that also means its natural climbing habit can get out of control. Moss poles to the rescue! This old school staking method is one of the favored ways to somewhat tame the wild and free monstera - though there’s nothing wrong with wild and free. Participants will learn about history, care, and the latest monstera trends before creating their very own moss pole. All supplies are included including a Monstera deliciosa plant and the trending Monstera adansonii. Class fee: $60