A Special Exhibit for Plant Lovers - SPECIMEN

The beauty of creation is so captivating. The intricacy, vibrancy, and delicacy of plant specimen evokes a sense of wonder and awe. I have been afforded a marvelous opportunity to install a solo living art exhibit at the Scrap Exchange. In this unique exhibit, botanical specimen converge with creative reuse to create sophisticated living art.  A majority of the plants on display are members of the Bromeliad family with a focus on tillandsia (air plants).  Other plant specimen on display include orchids, ferns, ivy, succulents, and peperomia.  

So whether you are a long-time plant lover or a newbie, your sense of awe and wonder will definitely be rekindled. The Specimen: A Collection of Plant Artistry exhibit will be on display from February 17th through March 11th. Come Check it out:  Cameron Gallery in the Scrap Exchange, 2050 Chapel Hill Road, Durham, NC.  


specimen progressions 2.JPG