Bull City Plant Swap

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Bull City Plant Swap 2019

So far two wonderful plant swaps with old and new plant enthusiasts. We’re making plans for January’s Bull City Plant Swap. See details below to be ready!

Simply bring a healthy, happy house plant (up to three) to swap. Your house plant can be potted or bare-root just as long as it is healthy and pest free. See our tips below to ensure happiness and success for your plant’s new owner. Don’t have a plant to swap?  Donate a piece of pottery for You Are Welcome Plants Program and Urbane Terrain will supply a plant for you to swap (or keep for yourself). Limited spaces are available but if we have 15+ people on the wait list we’ll open a second session for Monday evening. Please share the event with your connections and post what you’re bringing on Instagram #bullcityplantswap

We’ll have refreshments and a plant lovers swag bag for all attendees. Be sure to follow Urbane Terrain’s Instagram feed for the revealing of our special surprises for the evening. Space is limited and registration is required. Ticket sales will benefit the You Are Welcome Plants Program.

*** You don't have to wait until the fall to continue the plant swapping fun.  The Bull City Plant Swap group is all set up on Facebook and the local swapping has begun.  Simply post what you're swapping and what you're interested in with pics.  When you see a worthy swap then set up arrangements to meet and swap.

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Plant Labeling Guidelines

Providing plant information will help new plant owners have success with their new plant babies. When creating your plant label you can be as simple or intricate as your heart desires.

  • Basic information: Plant’s common name and Latin name.

  • Bonus information: Plant care tips, acquisition history (i.e. parent plant found by apartment dumpster)

  • Creative information: plant quote, plant poem, or even awkward plant moments.

Be as basic or detailed as you like but just keep it classy  It's always great to know the history of the plant and to receive tips from the previous plant parent.  We all love special touches!


Plant Propagation Tips

How you propagate your plant will depend completely on your plant variety. However, here are 3 basic tips for propagation success. (1) Always start with a healthy plant. Plant should be 100% disease and pest free. (2) Select a healthy baby from the mother plant. There is a greater chance of success when selecting a strong baby plant vs. weak ones. (3) Always disinfect your work area, tools, and vessels before removing and/or repotting. This will help prevent cross contamination or infection of the plant baby. I hope these three tips get you on your way to successful propagating. There is a plethora of information on the internet though videos provide the best visuals for learning techniques. Just be sure your source is reliable and you’re not just watching a newbie experiment with a technique. Happy propagating!


Trending Plants

Each August day leading up to the plant sale we will post 10 Tips for one of the trending plants pictured below.  You'll find the tips in my Plant Journal Blog. In addition, a corresponding Instagram post will be up. If you still have questions after reading the 10 Tips feel free to post them on the Instagram post.  I'll be randomly selecting from my Instagram feed responses for special giveaways!