Urbane Terrain specializes in bringing the natural beauty of plants to your work, living, and play spaces.

Photography courtesy of Aisha Sanders.



Whether selecting the perfect office plant or opening a new storefront, we design living art for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Indoors or out, we will bring a bit of natural beauty to your work environment.

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Limited on space?  Insufficient Light?Urbane Terrain specializes in designing living art arrangements, especially for small urban spaces. We carefully select plants specifically suited for your space.



Seeking an unforgettable experience? Urbane Terrain incorporates your vision with the perfect living art design.  Whether an astonishing wedding backdrop or unique party favors, we deliver.

Modern earthy design perfect for a downtown loft


The Modern Air Plant Display was my very first orginal design.  It has the perfect balance of urban smooth and classic clean.  The textured wood serves as the perfect backdrop to the beauty of the featured plant specimen.  Extremely versatile and definitely a unique conversation piece.  All displays are fully customizable with your choice of wood finish and plant selection. 



The oh so classy and oh so versatile Classic Air Plant Plaque.


Whether you are setting up an industrial urban loft or decorating your summer beach house, the Classic Air Plant Plaque is quite the living art piece.  Perfectly display any desired epiphytic plant specimen whether the trendy air plant, the sophisticated orchid, or the earthy staghorn fern.  Fully customizable finishes and plant selection.



Simple sophistication for the home or wherever you roam.


Whether at home, the office, or your special event, the Geometric Air Plant Display adds a touch of class.  Whether you decide to suspend from the ceiling for an unexpected display or set in a windowsill in a limited sun environment, the compact design is perfect for small spaces.  Circle, Triangle, Hexagon, or Diamond/Square all fully customizable.



Succulent Terrariums - we just can't get enough of these.


Whether you are a lover of all succulents or you specifically love all things cactus, our succulent terrariums will inspire you.  They are extremely low maintenance yet bring the perfect touch of nature into your space.  Earthy, metropolitan, or a bit classy - there is a perfect succulent terrarium for you.  Oh, and these make the perfect gift.


cactus 1.JPG

So Jelly about all these fun shell creations.


Our So Jelly collection is simply a fun alternative that puts a smile on everyone's face.  Whether admiring the raw beauty of the shell as a natural creation or reimagining it as a mystical sea creature, these living are creations are perfect for special events.  Can be set in a grouping as a table display, suspended from above for fun décor, or individually packaged for your event.  Versatile and oh so fun.


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